Fear of Being Denied What I Need

by Julie Falco

I've lived with multiple sclerosis for 20 years. My legs tighten up as soon as I get out of bed. Navigating my apartment with my walker is painful, and after a full day, my neck, shoulders and back are strained. I have a tight band-like feeling around my abdomen and experience constant numbness and tingling all over my body. Waves of fatigue hit me, and sometimes my feet and calves feel a burning cold.

Until seven years ago I took over 30 pharmaceuticals for the many symptoms of MS. None of them worked for me and I felt miserable. Prednisone for symptom flare-ups gave me a swollen face and acne; Baclofen for muscle spasticity reduced my heart rate; I became depressed and depleted and suicide often crossed my mind. Then, I tried cannabis.

I'd smoked pot in college and was familiar with its calming effects. I'd heard it helped certain ailments, so I tried it for MS. It helped with spasticity and insomnia, however the smoke gave me headaches. I researched ways to ingest cannabis, including baking with it. I tried a recipe, began eating 1-inch-cube-sized brownies three times a day and immediately noticed improvements. Symptoms became tolerable. I eliminated all pharmaceuticals and was no longer depressed or suicidal, although I lived in anxiety and fear of being arrested.

I started to speak out about the benefits of cannabis instead of living in anxiety. I became a board member of the Illinois National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws, and the Illinois Drug Education and Legislative Reform. I testified to pass a medical cannabis bill and told my story to local media outlets and groups. The fear turned into knowledge as I became a co-author of The Cannabis Papers: a citizen's guide to cannabinoids after learning that everyone on the planet has a cannabinoid system that modulates and regulates all other systems of the body.

I have to continue to speak my truth for people managing challenging illnesses like my own.

I have to continue speaking the truth of cannabinoids and how the cannabis plant is healing to the entire world and not something to be feared.

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